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Hues Design Studio is a brainchild of Priyansh Chouhan, a textile design graduate from NIFT. Since childhood I was so fond of brushes & paints. I took lessons in art alongside my schooling. I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, due to conventional academics, the hobby got lost somewhere. Luckily, right after my schooling I got admitted to the country’s best design institute – NIFT. It was a starting point of a hobby altering to a profession.

I found my eureka moment when I worked on a design project where I went out to fields, exploring nature inspirations & clicking pictures of captivating flowers, cactus & leaves around the striking land of Himachal Pradesh. I designed a bedding collection that took its inspiration from my own collected pictures. I absolutely enjoyed the process.

I decided to go on with the idea of Hues during my first job where my affinity towards textile artworks grew even more. It all started with a few accidental designs & a realization that I can do that & I have to try it. I quit my job in the 2019 year-end & started working on the idea. I have a deep affection for muted color palettes & shades of Teal.

My purpose is designing artworks & helping businesses & start-ups with their surface pattern needs. Learning Art-Design & someday teaching the same. Giving value & spreading inspiration by sharing an artful experience.

Hues Design Studio focuses on serving customers better & fostering a fervent passion for its product. We believe every space gets so much better with a touch of art. We take most of our inspirations from trends, nature, heritage, culture & assorted picturesque places around the world & creating them in our unique style & bringing authentic art inside homes.

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