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What techniques do you use to create your artworks & designs?

We work with a combination of hand-painted artworks and CAD.

Here at our studio, we emphasize on carrying out all the artistic explorations, art techniques, research, gathering inspiration and giving them life. We then work with CAD, for pattern development, repeat arrangements, colour reduction and preserving high resolution for the artwork to be commercially viable.

How are production-ready artworks helpful?

Production-ready artworks help you save a lot of time. We do all the design process work & bring to you the finest artworks that are ready to be sent for production. Also, it helps you to visualise the outcome before-hand, thus keeping you one-step ahead. It gives you a certainty and power to choose from the authentic & exquisite patterns.

What are the three design categories offered?

Standard Designs – Identifying the problem that often some basic designs were given out at an unreasonable amount, we include some basic textures and patterns, which you can use as subordinates to your main pattern. They are reasonably priced and created with love, however, these designs don’t let you have the ownership of the artwork and the artwork belongs to Hues and can be resold to different parties. You don't need to create an account with us to shop our Standard Designs.

Exclusive Designs – As the name says, these artworks are exclusive and authentic in their own way. These include a lot of work, research, hand-work, CAD work and are sure to please you. This is our most popular category and lets you have complete ownership of the artwork and are sold on one-off basis. You need to create an account with us to get an access to our store to view and shop our Exclusive Designs.

Premium Designs – Our premium designs are sure to enchant you. They have similar features as exclusive deigns and grants you complete ownership. We work the hardest for these exquisite designs, they have a lot of elements & we invest most time in them and thus it justifies the final outcome. You need to create an account with us to shop our Premium Artworks.

How are the selected design files sent?

Required files are available for download immediately after the purchase has been made. If there is an issue in direct download from the site, you can directly contact us through any medium & its digital file will be delivered to you via email sent through WeTransfer.


What will be the format & type of design files?

Design files come to you with an industry standard digital file such as a TIFF or Photoshop File (PSD). We send the files in a zipped folder which contains single repeat of the artwork in a TIFF format compatible with Photoshop, mockup images and the color palette used in the design.

Are there any extra charges for colorways?

If you want us to create and send colorways for the artwork you selected, we do charge a certain nominal amount per colorway.

What is the return policy?

Due to a digital nature of the asset, design once purchased and sent to you, can’t be refunded. Small variations in colour etc are to be expected due to screen or print variance and other things outside our control. However, after thorough testing we are confident our artwork will be to your satisfaction.

If you have any other question or feedback -

If you have any question, query, feedback or anything, just drop a mail at or type in a message in our site's contact form or else just drop a direct message on Instagram or Linkedin. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you.

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